1013 Undlestan.


I renumbered these new pages because I realized that from Friday it cut away to Ed and Jo, and that seemed like a dick move after you patiently waited all weekend to see where this was going. It’s written to cut like a TV show, but this isn’t a TV show, so I erred on the side of being a cool guy rather than trolling you fine folk with my B story.

Any of you who don’t hang on my every action may have missed my appearance on the award seeking podcast SHOW. Also there is the little issue of needing a furaffinity account to see mature tagged material. This link solves all that crap: Click the crap out of it. The audio is, objectively, bad. It is very hard to hear me at some points, but at least you get the chance to hear me at all. I know you’re all consumed with curiosity about me. There are a few points where I don’t react to what’s being said to me, and that’s because the sound would randomly cut out on my end. The first time we tried to do this it wouldn’t work at all, so, again, something is better than nothing… arguably. Anyway, I was very nervous, even though I know Agouti pretty well. Once I was actually being recorded my brain turned on me, but things went okay. It’s not like we were hashing out the most important stories of the day. XD