What ride would I be?… Ah who am I kidding, I’m not a ride. I’d be too busy enjoying the bouncy castle. LOL

Ed would probably be the Fun House.
Thomas would be the Pirate Ship.
John would be the Bumper Cars.

As for me, I know for a fact I’d be the Drop Tower.

I would be the It’s a Small World ride. That ride you know is gonna suck and annoy the hell out of you 2 seconds after you get locked in and can’t escape.

The teacups always were my favourite. :>

With the possible exception of that one ride which, by spinning me upside down into an epic English Channel sunset without feeling like I was upside down, made me feel like I was in Flight of the Navigator! … goodness me! The parallel there would be a really experienced woman! XD Very exotic too; possibly an alien… hmm! hahahhaha!

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