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The story behind this is that I made a guest comic for QC and Jeph accidentally posted it on Saturday instead of the day he wanted to. So I added this section to it so he would have another page to post on the day he actually wanted to have it. Apparently it never made it to him, or he chose not to use it, but here it is in case you want to see it.


The characters look freakin’ adorable in your style, love it. Funny stuff too. When I saw the guest comic today, I thought “I should go read this person’s comic,” and then found out that I already do.

Actually, I was reading Questionable Content before I ever knew you existed. Then one day he posted something of a shoutout to your comic, and I followed it. Now here I am today, utterly addicted, and checking the site every day for a new comic. I only keep up with 3 web comics in the whole internet, and your’s is one of them. It’s your’s, Questionable Content, and Neko the Kitty. I never post comments anywhere, I’m very much a lurker more than a poster, but I just wanted to say thanks for posting an awesome comic that I enjoy.
Peace, love and all that jazz,

OMG, Momo looks adorable in your style!!! She’s one of my faves from QC!

She’s totes adorbs. I always kind of thought her hair should change color at will, but I left it pink.

Your wish is granted, Good Sir!
Mr.Jacques did this page (as a GIF-image) a while back:

…it took me a while to find it, because I couldn’t recall how long-ago I’d 1st seen it.

I knew I recognized your art when I saw that. :D Pretty cool stuff.

Yeah, I kinda got my own thing going, huh?

Definitely. I’m glad that you’re getting some recognition, too. I suppose the webcomic world is more free with this kind of thing than other entertainment industries, but still you’ve got a top 10 guy giving you acknowledgement; your work holds up in the comparison.

Very kind of you to say. I was pretty surprised the first time he mentioned me in his blog and again when he accepted my guest page.

I don’t really know him though, so, like, I have no sure fire way to contact him. Which is how this ended up not running as two pages on his site, or even getting an update after the fact. I really felt bad for him not having content for that Monday though. Since I don’t do conventions I don’t really have “connections” with other comic people. I guess is speaks to the quality of my work that they’re willing to vouch for me without actually knowing me.

Thanks for this, it not only fits in well with the QC universe, but it got me to start reading your comic again. I used to read your comic, but stopped for some reason. Over the last few days I’ve now caught up with the archive, and am happy that I started reading again.
You’re on my list.

QC is one I follow all the time, and after scouring your archive a couple weeks back, to see your rendition of his characters was great! You hit it right on the head with Momo and I really like Marten in your style.

As before, keep it up!

Everylne loves what you guys are up too. This kind of
clever work annd exposure! Keep uup the very good works guys I’ve added yoou guys
to my personal blogroll.

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