First of all, you’ll notice that this page has no page number. There are very few stand alone pages of Between Failures, but I don’t like to number pop culture stuff that I don’t think will make sense years down the road. Star Wars, Captain Planet, and what have you have a certain level of longevity that I’m not sure will be true of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, especially since it’s a reeboot. If it goes 7 seasons or so I think the possibility is there, but I’d be surprised if it goes 4. I think it will be mishandled into the ground in season 3.

I hope that both sides of this… debate, for lack of a better word, can see themselves represented. If you don’t like something that everyone you know likes it can be really hard to put your foot down; to stand alone in a sea of bronies, if you will.

Usually I don’t do this, but I’m going to explain what Thomas is talking about if you haven’t watched the show. I don’t think anyone reads the blog first, so the experience won’t be changed for non pony enjoyers. The main character of MLP:FIM is Twilight Sparkle. She was given a baby dragon to raise named Spike. He’s depicted as being as capable as any adult character, for the most part, but still refered to as a baby dragon. He has a huge crush on Twilight’s friend Rarity. It’s a kids show, so they never get too concerned with the intimate details of potential dragon on pony action. Which leaves people like Thomas wondering what the eventual outcome of the relationship could be.

I am of the mind that, since it is a magical world, there could eventually be little dronies, or pagons, running around. Genetics be damned. Basically it’s Shrek rules. If it exists, you can crossbreed it.

For the most part I have avoided jokes that will not stand the test of time. Or at least I’ve chosen ones that will stay more or less culturally relavent for as long as I’m alive. After that, who gives a fuck. There is one joke that will be edited at some point. So first editions of the book will be more valuable, I guess. XD It’s the too soon joke really early on about Steve Irwin. People are already starting to forget The Crocodile Hunter. At the time I wrote that I couldn’t resist the timely reference. Looking back I realize it’s lost a lot of its impact. I already wrote the perfect replacement, but haven’t updated the page since the print version that’s available has the current page and I feel like that would be dishonest somehow.