868 I’m Cyude!


Man am I ever tired. Today was… I’ll tell you later, maybe.

Any of y’all play that Back To The Future game that Telltale did? The one they ported to the Wii. It’s really good. Not super long or anything, but it’s also cheap. For the most part it looks okay. There are a few janky bits, but overall the story makes up for any olde tymeyness it exhibits. It’s point and click, so there’s not a lot of action, but if you’re a fan of the movies you really need to find a way to play this game.

The dude who plays Marty is so spot on it’s freaky. Christopher Lloyd reprises his role as Doc Brown, and Micheal J. Fox even has a part in the last section of the game. I just started that part. You can finish a section per night depending on how fast you want to play. Lingering can be a good idea though, because you get little bits of backstory every so often the movies never filled in.

Anyway, I think you can get this on the computer and stuff too. So you all can probably get it however you want if you want to at all.