995 I Love It When A Plan Does What Now?


In Ghostbusters, when Ray says “Get her!”, that’s technically a plan.

Some of the games I have for the 3DS have started offering DLC recently. Mutant Mudds has 20 additional levels you can get for free, and Mario Bros. 2 has ones you can buy. The Mario stuff runs the spectrum from stupid easy to insanely hard, but the Mutant Mudds stuff is just brutally difficult. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. As I said about MM before, it doesn’t feel cheap. When you screw up it seems like it was your fault for not adequately reading the situation. The Mario stuff is pretty good too without feeling cheap. That said, the controls are not as precise, so sometimes one kind of move doesn’t happen the way you expect and causes a restart. I’ve only completes one bonus level in MM and haven’t even completed one section in Mario Bros., so you know these aren’t playing nice. The super easy Mario levels are just fun because it’s all coins everywhere and almost no danger. Good times for when you can’t pay close attention to the game. Plus, I’m nowhere near the million coins Nintendo hopes people ammass.

There’s one strange thing I noticed about New Super Mario Brothers 2… The coin collecting doesn’t have anything to do with the “story” The shops don’t sell thing, they just give them to you. The only coins that unlock paths are the special start ones. The Koopas don’t want a ransome. It makes no sense. In Wario Land, or Luigi’s Mansion, the coins you gather have an effect on the endings. I never finished Luigi’s Mansion, but that’s what I heard anyway. Wario Land I played a lot of, so I know that’s how the mechanic worked. The more money you had at the end the better the castle Wario could wish for… Because the genie he wrested from the pirates uses money to grant wishes. Although I don’t see why you need a genie if you have enough money to build a castle it seems like all you’re doing is cutting out the contractors. I think it would be better to wish for something money cant already get you through regular channels. Anyway, whatever, logic isn’t ever a big part of Mario Brothers storytelling. It does seem like they could have done something with it though.