986 Rank & File.


That shit needs to end up on reddit and/or a t-shirt. XD Get to it reditors, or whatever it is you call yourselves.

Well, I guess this is where the rubber meets the road. When the question various people have been passive aggressively asking me over the weekend gets answered. How many people who came from Questionable Content are actually going to become regular readers?

It’s been a strange few days to be sure. I’ve been contacted by people, who I’ve tried to have conversations with, that wouldn’t even answer me before, gotten offers for all manner of services, been asked for everything from links to money, and generally been noticed. Through all of that the new faces have been very kind, and patient. They say that you draw readers to you who are similar to you, so QC readers are generally nice. I should know because I have been one for a long time too. A lot of the time when people link each other you kind of get the feeling that they don’t really read each other’s work, and I don’t know if Jeph read much, or any, of mine, but I’ve read all of his. It’s certainly one of those comics that made me think “I bet I could do that…”

It’s not rocket science, but it’s not as easy as it seems from the outside. When I started reading webcomics it was still sort of uncommon for you to know much about the artist. Now you can see their daily struggles to one level or another, depending on the artist. I kind of put it all out wherever. If you want to talk to me it is insanely easy, and if I’m not right in the middle of something I WILL talk to you. Often to the point that you’ll have had enough after one time, and you can just go back to reading the comic, secure in the knowledge that you’ve spoken to me AS MUCH AS YOU WILL EVER NEED TO. XD

I also offer services of various types. For example, I will draw anyone who asks nicely an avatar for Twitter, or whatever social thing it is you need one for. If I have time you’ll get what you ask for, if not I just make one up based on whatever username you give me. First come, first serve. As they are only ever 100×100 pixels don’t expect a masterwork. It’s just a little present that I can knock out fairly quickly. Don’t be afraid to ask.

The link bar up top will lead you to all the places you can find me. At least the ones that I wanted to make easy. If you can find me on other sites feel free to contact me there too. XD

Be warned, however, I am sassy. Be prepared for sass of all types.