959 DOA.


I don’t know if any of you have directed your gaze towards the underblog recently, but you’ll find there a fan question answered by Nina. Someone on twitter asked if I would do them, and the answer is, obviously, yes. In my own time, of course. If you have a question you’d like to pose to a specific cast member you can do it in the comments, through email, facebook fanpage, Tumblr, or any other way you can think of to contact me. Be warned, however, that methods that don’t allow me to save questions, or ones where they get moved down the page over time, are more likely to get lost. Anyway, links to all of those things are at the top of the page. On the links bar. I may as well tell you now that no one will answer questions concerning the plot of the comic, so no sneaky spoilers.

I need to get myself a new chair. I have a few chairs I rotate in and out of service depending on what part of my body they are making hurt, but one of them broke. I fixed it as best I could, but it’s just not right anymore. Part of the frame split along a screw hole. I don’t have the tools available to actually fix such a problem. I had an office chair for a while, but the arm part broke off one day and it turns out that the arms hold the back of the chair on. Which struck me as a bit of a design flaw. If the arm weren’t so important I could have salvaged the chair, but alas, it was not to be. So I’m down to my main chair. It’s fine, but you can’t sit in it for as long as it takes to make a comic page. Even if I get up every hour or so it slowly murders my hinder. Generally speaking you want to be murdered fast, I think. Get it over with quick like. Being stabbed to death with a spoon would be a remarkable heinous way to go. In any event I need to chair shop. It’s the kind of task you just can’t delegate. Tests need to be performed that only the sitter can do.

The last time I delegated the task my mother ended up with a very nice new chair… and my problem was not solved. I just split the work between 3 old chairs. XD