926 Awesome.


I took a quarter of an allergy tablet last night. So I had a dream about working retail. It was a strange mish mosh of all the places I’ve ever worked, a phantom layout that no one could ever learn. This amalgam store was owned by a weird lady and there was a weird handyman that fixed things in the baement. Because the store had a creepy, unfinushed, basement like a house would. Nothing worked right, customers sucked, and everyone was annoyingly kooky. Of course I woke up all cloudy headed, and remained that way so far today.

I don’t care for the effect allergy medicine has on me, but I really don’t care for the effect allergies have on me. This is just over the counter stuff too. The good stuff has the same effect, but many times stronger. And none of them really help with the allergies. They just give me different symptoms to worry about. Man, what am I even talking about? I totally want to lay down again.

All that stuff you wrote about Diablo was interesting. Even the parts that deviated wildy from it. I get a kick out of it when things wander far afield, while remaining mostly civil. I also appreciate all the supportive comments. Normally I would respond to them each in kind, but every time I sit down I start falling asleep. I can barely get the pages made in the sweet spot while I’m properly awake. T^T

Photoshop alternates between working fine and randomly crashing now. I thought I had it totally sorted out for a while there, but no. I drew last night’s page twice at least. Well, inked it twice anyway. I’d do a bit, save, do a bit more, use the paint bucket, lose a section, lather, rinse, repeat. Clearly the fault lies with the paint bucket, so I have to remind myself to save before I use it. I kept chancing it last night, and it bit me on the ass. My own fault really. It’s not like the pattern wasn’t there to see.

The error with the flatting plugin is apparently nothing to do with the RAM. Because this PC has a ton of RAM and I still randomly get the ‘there’s not enough’ error. Some pages just will not flat. I have no idea what causes it. Really annoying though, because it makes the lines look muddy. To me at any rate. I hate muddy lines. Of course I understand that if I made the comic in Illustrator I could make it as vector, but vector art looks almost too clean. Kind of depends on how high they set the smoothing thing. Anyway, lots of people thing I do make the comic in vector, but I don’t. I just make a very clean ‘painted’ line. I don’t have Illustrator anyway, so it’s a moot point. I’m lucky I have Photoshop.

It’s kind of a dick move that I never have these guys speak their actual names. It makes it really hard for you guys to talk about them. Snape, Vermin, and Rooster are their nicknames. It should be pretty obvious who is who in that mix. I don’t know if I ever said it on the main site, but since the Drunk Duck page is long gone there may be no record of where these 3 come from. They are a weird amalgam of actual people I used to have to deal with working retail. For whatever reason guys like these tend to come in threes. There were two three man teams that stand out in my mind from back then. I didn’t learn any of their names for ages. Long after I stopped working retail. They existed as the nicknames I made up for them. Rooster, in particular, is a combination of two specific people. Although I was actually friends with one of them. Snape looks like a guy I met a couple of times, but by happenstance more than design. I had the character in a sketchbook and just stuck it to the personality. Later on someone reminded me of the dude and I was like “It does look like him”. That’s about as far as it goes because I basically don’t know the guy.

Assholes are bad enough on their own, but when they are resonating with each other they are insufferable. Which is why I work alone.