910 LARP.


None of the word processing software on my computer can understand my old files. None of my old software works with Windows 7. It’s a good thing I didn’t do anything to my old system because as far as writing goes the new one is useless at the moment. I’ve tried several conversion programs with no results. At this point the only way to transfer the old files is to write them online and then copy paste them into a new file with a program 7 can understand. This is a new problem for me because up to this point Microsoft was pretty much backwards compatible on some level with every program it ever made. It was something I took for granted with the new one.

The stripped down version of Office that came with the new PC is crap. There’s way too much junk going on on the edges of everything. All I want to do is write words. Windows very much wants me to do SO MUCH MORE. So much more for several hundred dollars to get the full version… I know that people hated how unfair it was that Microsoft got to have all their sofware on new PCs but it really sucks not getting anything at all with one. I’m looking in to open source word programs now. So far I am unimpressed. You get what you pay for apparently. Unless you steal something, in which case you get what someone else paid for.

I need to network these computers together somehow, I guess. It’ll be like talking to a caveman, but at least I could transfer files faster.