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I played the shit out of Symphony Of The Night. I replayed it when it was bonus content on a PSP game. The PSP game it was packaged with was shit and I don’t think I ever finished it. If I did I don’t remember doing it. It’s pretty shameful when your shiny upgraded remake is outshined by the game you stuck in as an after thought. I essentially bought that game so I could replay SOTN on a portable. I did not feel cheated.

I hope that style of gameplay never fades away completely. If the Xbox Arcade game they patterned after it is any indication the style is safe. It was apparently popular. I didn’t get it because it’s essentially a version of the gameplay stripped of the stuff I like about it, but it’s a placeholder at any rate.

The other day I asked this question in a Deviantart poll: Is a single image with text underneath it a comic?

The results were more or less 50-50. Yes was slightly ahead if you want to get technical. Those results were interesting on their own, but the comments made me wonder something else. Is there a standard nomenclature for comics?

The reason I wonder is that some people said an image with text undernead is a cartoon, but I think of the word cartoon as meaning an animated film. A lot of words we throw around are used interchangably by some people. There must be a standard, right? It makes things confusing if there isn’t. I guess that’s why we use modifiers to clarify our thoughts.

Comic, can mean several things. It can be a comic book, a single strip, a single image with text under, a book of collected strips, and so on. The word comic is like the word art in that it’s meaning is so broad it’s hard to pin down what it is. I guess it’s all of that stuff and more.

For the record, I think that a single image with text under is a comic. That includes demotivator memes. They may be crude, but they aren’t orders of magnitude different than Family Circus, and are typically more entertaining. My views on are are similar in so far as I think that anything humans construct is art. Some of it may be shitty and stupid, but under this broad definition it still counts.

Considdering how specific english is as a language stuff like this is kind of weird.

Another thing that I find weird is that humor is almost always a factor when people decide if something is a comic or not, but comics don’t have to be funny at all. All they really have to do is make some kind of statement.

I don’t know, you guys have any further thoughts on this?