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You guys tell interesting stories. I should let you write the blogs. XD

So, at the store today, still no Green Lantern Stuff and no movie Captain America stuff, in spite of the fact that they were doing a season dump. Also, and I never thought I’d say this, I kind of miss having Batman toys on the shelves. Even if they were shitty it seems weird not having any around. Of course there are several toy lines that haven’t appeared out here that would solve that problem, but that another matter I guess.

Wal mart doesn’t carry the DC animated stuff out here. Target does, but there isn’t one for miles and miles. I think Young Justice had some toys, but I’m not sure. I like the robin from that show. Hopefully he’d be in a scale similar to my favorite Batman toy. The one I have from before is shitty. DC needs to do some toys in scale with the Marvel ones so kids can do crossovers. Piggyback on that wintrain.

I kind of wish they had some Iron Man: Armored Adventures toys. I like that show. They need to be in the small scale though, so tony can fight Darth Vader, who clearly has a machluan ring. I’m not even going to try and look up the correct spelling on that.