906 Grace Under Fire.


This scene was hard to put together since it’s hard to tell exactly how far away Ed is from Nina. In my head he’s about 12 feet away, but the images don’t really convey that as well as I would like. One must use the gifts they are given though.

The guns they are playing with are clearly modled after Nerf blasters, as many of you already know. The thing is, having never actually touched many of them, I don’t know ecactly how they work, or sound, or what have you. So these, like many things in my world, are not exactly as they are in our own. Details like what sort of ammo a toy uses, or how it sounds, are not neccessarily important to telling a story unless you make them important. I’ve cut down the types of ammo available too, since some use smaller darts. I’ve depicted them all more or less the same size and type. Some of the styles may not be available yet, or at all anymore, as well. I’m sure the afficianados will spot them when, and if, they appear.

So I found a used copy of Skylanders 3DS.  $7 no shipping.  You can’t beat a deal like that.  It showed up today with all the parts in working order, & no Skylanders, as was agreed upon.  The game itself is actually better than the console version in some ways.  Being able to jump stands out as a big plus.  Of course the inclusion of a jump mechanic leads to some moments of not being able to see where you’re gonna land and fighting the camera.  You can save 2 Skylanders in the 3DS, so you don’t have to take the toys with you everyplace with the portal.  I like that, but it’s hard to choose 2 of them.  It would be cooler if you could store 8.  Shoulda coulda woulda and all that…   I’m sure there are going to be frustrating levels later on because of the jumping.  Of course the challenge may be a nice change of pace.  Hard to tell at the moment.  In any case I have a portable game to amuse myself with for a while.