905 Son Of Sure Shot.


One of the biggest problems with Nerf guns has always been that you’re on the honor system when it comes to rules. The dart tag vests are at least some kind of scoring system, but not a lot of things come with the right darts. I always thought a light robe, or some such thing would be better. That way more of your person would be in the strike zone. I’m not sure Nerf wants to get in to making clothes… Whatever. Maybe Ed’s plan will work. I’ve tried it with various substances. You get about 2 shots per dart. After that it doesn’t leave much of a mark. Also only colored sidewalk chalk leaves noticable marks on light colored clothes. It’s the easiest chalk to pulverize though, and you get a lot of dust in your bucket for not much money. The force of the shooting knocks a fair bit off by itself. It’s not a perfect system to be sure. Whistle darts are actually fun because if you get enough dust in the head they leave a dust trail, and they poof when they hit. I bet breathing in the dust is good for your lungs too. X3

Drawing this story has been troubling because it makes me really want new Nerfs. The one Nina has in this page is one I like very much. I’m not sure what the name is of the design it’s based on. Later on Thomas gets another one I really want. It’s not like I have any use for the damn things. There’s nothing, and no one, around here to play with. They’re just neat. Which is why I have 3 Mavericks… 2 is too many of those.

Youtube, as you all know, is not a safe place for people who have things to do. The other day I was looking at some random thing and happened upon a tutorial for applying makup. As a boy I’ve never given much thought to the application of makup, and I prefer girls who wear it only sparingly if at all. As this is a part of female life I’ve never given any thought to before I was, of course, mezmerized. It’s clearly a skill, but how is it passed on? Mother to daughter? Friend to friend? Likely a combination of those ways, and others I haven’t thought of. Unfortunately my list of female friends is limited, and those I do have aren’t very girly. So I wasn’t able to obtain any firsthand information, or ask any question I had. When I was little my grandmother was completely obsessed with her appearance. I never thought to ask her anything about it at that age though. Anyway, I watched at least an hour of random tutorials and demonstrations of makup application. There are clearly rules about why one chooses colors and whatnot, but not many of them were forthcoming.
I mostly saw product reviews, which led me to another discovery. Product names for makup are still really sexist. Like, really abnormally so for these days. There’s one line called Shop , Shop, Shop, Clean, Clean, Clean or something like that. I guess the kind of girl likely to cake on a lot of makup isn’t going to be super concerned with that sort of thing. They know their target audience, I guess. There were several names mentioned that were that way. It was odd.