883 Good Eye.


So… this is a thing I bought.

I’ll just let that sink in.

I found out about the blind bag My Little Pony on accident. They’d actually been out for some time, but I don’t actively search for much stuff anymore. I find that I can waste my money just fine on accident. This adventure proves that well enough. These little monsters are pretty much exactly what I was hoping Hasbro would trot out when I first started watching the show. In fact I said as much in a previous blog. These things are the exact right size for someone who likes ponies, but is not a 4 year old girl.

I actually found some of the blind bags when I was grocery shopping last time. So I have two of those in addition to the ponies represented in the collector’s set. These things are actually only, like, 5 molds repainted to be different characters. As a collector of Transformers I have already made my peace with this old trick. 25% of all Transformers are just repaints of the first 6 guys. The sucky thing is that Fluttershy doesn’t have a unique mold. She is a repaint of Rainbow Dash. It’s really dumb that they didn’t go with 6 molds, one each for the cardinal ponies. As it stands Fluttershy is the odd pony out. It’s not a deal breaker because she is in an action pose, so her hair being incorrect isn’t so bad, and they gve her unique eye paint, but still. They aren’t fooling anyone. Not that I know of anyway. But I digress… At any rate they are adorable. My fascination with cute things that are deeply saturated with bright colors is partially satisfied.

Unfortunately there was an error when I ordered this thing, so I didn’t think it had actually processed. I couldn’t check it though because I took down the order number incorrectly. Of course if their server had actually logged me in when I tried that wouldn’t have been an issue but that’s a whole other thing… Anyway, long story short, I have two of these things now. My intention was to cancel the order, but Toys Are Us makes it impossible to cancel an order after about 4 minutes. I was just going to send the thing back, but I thought of something more fun potentially.

Here is, as they say, the deal. If one of you pony fans out there wants to buy this set I will sell it to you for what I paid for it AND include a hand drawn picture of “Sneaky Shy” Jolene’s pony persona. Fuck, I’ll even sign the box if you like. Or draw whoever you’d rather I draw. I’m open to whatever. It just seems cooler than just sending it back, and I know some of you like ponies too. You can’t hide it from me.

It’s first come, first serve though. Whoever emails me first gets it and whatever special extras I agree to include. Use betweenfailures(at)hotmail(dot)com. It’s not the official email, but the site’s email system is a hassle to log in to. One thing I have to insist on is that you pay first. You can pay with pretty much any credit card through my Paypal, or just use Paypal to pay if you’ve decided to step into the future like the rest of us. I’ll insure the whole deal in case anything happens to it in the mail. That way no one loses out. Although I’ve never had an insured package ever not show up. The one time I thought it had the dumbasses at the Garden post office had stuck it under the counter for a month. (That’s a whole other story.)

I’ve never had much luck with this kind of thing in the past, but maybe this time. Even if I don’t hand the set off now I’ll find someone who wants it eventually. They’re already charging stupid amounts of money for them on Amazon, and I am a patient man.