849 Keymaster.


I can’t believe I haven’t used this title before. It seems like such an obvious one for me.

I don’t recal who mentioned High School Of The Dead without looking, but I ended up checking it out. The manga is being pirated so it was available. Generally I don’t read pirated stuff, but I expected to hate it instantly, so it wouldn’t matter. I hate zombie stuff. I haven’t liked it for quite some time now. The world has ruined zombies for me. I don’t even like hearing the word now. I used to be really in to the concept, what with Resident Evil and what have you. It sounds like a douchebag music person thing to say, but I liked zombies before they were cool. I was even able to keep liking them after they got cool for a while, but it just kept going and going. Then Resident Evil wasn’t about zombies anymore, then it was in Marvel comics, and eventually I got sick of them. Anyway, I ended up reading 3 or 4 volumes of HSOTD. XD It was fun. Morbid, and not something I’d want to own probably, but reading it one time was cool. I’ll probably read the rest of it at some point. I have to be in a certain head space to tolerate that sort of thing. I saw some clips of the cartoon too, but it kind of loses something in translation. The best part of the series so far is that the fat kid is useful and cool. Relatively speaking, and it looks like he might actually get a little play at some point. I’m very much behind the idea of fat guys getting some. X3