835 Strawman.


Over the years of storing toys I’ve seen a lot of strange things. Most toys are not meant to last more than a few years, so you never know what might happen over time. I’ve spoken before about my Mad Scientist alien dissection set that has started to break down into a slimy ooze. I also have some Madball action figures that have started to do the same sort of thing. A sticky slime is seeping out of the vinyl. Paint is peeling, and it’s generally gross. Those of you who own a first gen SNES have probably seen the yellowing that occurs with their casing. Vaccum chrome on many Beast Machine toys cracks and flakes off after about a year. I’ve also observed similar things on Power Of The Force R2-D2 figures. The ones Kenner released before Hasbro bought them. The rubber tires on my Fire Convoy have split apart more than once. The long ant the short of it is that no matter what you do nothing lasts.

The other day, while I was sorting my stuff for disspersion, I found something I’d never seen before. An old Pokey figure had welded itself to the plastic display stand for a Prince Of Egypt doll. Now the Pokey toy is a really old one. I got it from a box of junk that belonged to an exgirlfriend’s grandmother. It’s potentially from before the the 70s. You can tell it’s older because the rubber it’s made of is weird. Not like any of the modern stuff I’ve seen. New Gumby figured are usually made of a glossy vinyl, but this was a dull, almost porous substance. Whatever it is, however, reacted with the plastic stand. I assume that the resulting substance is toxic and have treated it as such.

I still haven’t found all of my Gundams, or Star Wars guys. I have no idea how they got split into so many containers. I guess when I moved I just dumped stuff into tubs and that was it. I wasn’t in a good state of mind at that point, I suppose. I found tons of pokemon stuff, but not all of it. Haven’t come across the Simpsons stuff yet, except for some of the playsets and Professor Frink… I seriously have no idea why I would buy Frink. I must have been hurting for something new.