832 How It Ends.


I was trying my best to figure out how I was getting traffic from Dumbing Of Age the last few days, because I haven’t advertised since the site has been all wonky. It took a while because the comments on that site weren’t loading for me so I couldn’t see the links. Wasn’t able to track it down until I looked at it on my iPod. It’s surprising how many people read comments there. DOA must have some really obsessive commenter’s.

Mostly I recognize the regulars here. About 30 or so people. Every so often I see similar usernames on other places and wonder if it’s the same person. On Shortpacked! and DOA I know they are because you’ve said as much, but also your voices are obviously you. I think I’ve seen some crossover fans on Wapsi Square too. Those sites seem to encourage discussion generally. Even if things deviate wildy. I like that sort of thing better than a forum because it seems cleaner to me. Things rarely deteriorate into posting image macros at each other. Several of the other comics I read that I think must have crossover readers only have forums, so I never see the banter.

Have you ever noticed the way that some people can’t like 2 similar things. Like it almost hurts them to even consider the idea? How can I explain it better…? Like hating Xbox, but loving Nintendo. Why can’t you enjoy both? If you had the money to get both would you still hate the one, or is it all based on monetary restrictions? If I had extra money lying around I might get a PS3. It’s the last thing on my list of game systems, but I don’t hate it because I can’t afford it. It just doesn’t have the games I wanted the most. I don’t feel the need to heap scorn on it though. (although I don’t like a lot of Sony’s business practices, but that goes back many years and is unrelated to the point I’m working out…)

Anyway, I’m thinking about this because I get that from time to time with other comics. Like they really Like Questionable Content, but fucking hate Between Failures. Like the world isn’t big enough for both comics. QC is the most common comic referenced in those situation, but I’ve heard it for others too. And now I’m starting to see it in reverse as well. Where people say they love Between Failures but hate whatever the other thing is. You can like both. Or like one and not get all ragey about the other. I like QC. I don’t want it to go away. I also don’t want to be told to go away. That is a series of thoughts that I had.