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Today we jump to Ed & Mike, conversation already in progress. 

Those of you who’ve never worked retail might not know this, but there are lots of rules about trash.  The kinds of rules people like to use to get other people fired.  I’m not sure if it’s true for all professions, I expect there are a lot of trash rules for food service.  A lot of the retail trash rules are bound up with the publishing industry, ironically enough.  Magazines that are thrown out, for example, have their covers torn off and sent back to the company so they can recieve tax credits and whatnot.  It’s wildly wastefull.  We used to throw away hundereds of pounds of paper every month from magazines alone.  Now that printed media is dying off maybe they’ll take a moment to consider recycling that paper as some sort of cost cutting technique.  I don’t know, but it always struck me as bad.  For all I know it may take more resources to recycle paper than to make it new.  In any event, as much as I like print media, I think the digital revolution will at least cut back some of the waste. 

Trash rules are bound up in loss prevention (theft) rules too.  That goes for all kinds of trash.  I worked with a lady, using the term very loosely, that was fired for eating out of an open bag of Skittles that was on its way to the dumpster.  I was no fan of her, but when she told the story to my friend Joey she scored points for ending it with “I just wanted to taste the rainbow.”  XD 

The guy who set the whole thing in motion was sent from HQ specifically to find a way to fire her.  It may sound strange but it happened a lot.  The board of shadowy figures would get crossed purposes with someone and the next thing you know some dude was snooping around the store looking for any way to get them fired.  Actually, that should only sound strange if you’ve never worked for a corperation.  That sort of thing is more normal than weird by volume.