803 Whose Line.


Today has been one of those days wasted trying to repair electronics.  There’s something wrong with the phone lines.  If you plug a DVR int to it they stop working.  Only actual phones work.  It’s apparently beyond my skill to repair, which annoys me to no end.  Tivo unfortunately doesn’t function well at all without the ability to connect to the mothership…

I nearly extended the scene with Wes and Thomas, but decided to use the dialogue elsewhere.  Partly because I think it will work better later on and partly because I didn’t feel like drawing them.  The Reggie and Jo scene is a lot more fun to read and to draw.

I edited several strips of Scott Kurtz’s PVP comics so that the would all be fart jokes, after seeing someone do the same thing with Garfield.  The thing is that not a lot of people I know actually read PVP, so when I showed it to them they couldn’t understand what I had done, because in many cases the jokes were still sound jokes.  They were just more funny to me because I knew how they were supposed to be.  It was very odd.  XD  anyway, if you haven’t seen it I stuck it in my DA scraps since Tumblr fucked the image file all up.  Here’s the link.