789 Do I Creep You Out?


This was a fun story to do. I’ll probably revisit some of the ideas over time as well. There is definitely one more car centric story I want to do later on. Maybe by then I’ll be able to draw it better. XD

Wednesday begins a little story mostly with Thomas and Nina. They start the whole thing anyway. I hope you’re as amused by it as I am.

Sometimes I sit down to write stuff here and end up just stopping because the issue I want to talk about is so complex I can’t sort it out in my head. This is one of those times. It’s not like I just started thinking about the topic either. I’ve been mulling it over for several days trying to make it into a series of words other people can understand. I’m not around other people in situations where I interact socially for any length of time anymore, so I’ve gotten used to just thinking to myself, so I don’t have to translate it out of my brain speech. I assume everyone has a unique brain speech that would become more obvious if they were isolated for a long period of time. It’s like a mental shorthand that YOU understand while someone else would only get a vague idea of.
My internal monologue used to be very verbal, but over time away from people it’s become more image oriented. Plus, it’s so natural I only noticed a change because of times when I need to communicate an idea and sorting out the complex jumble of concepts was difficult. On some level this has to be like what happens to a castaway. All thought begins to become so unique to yourself that you have difficulty relating to others.
Casual conversation is no problem, but big concepts are. They would be anyway by their very nature, but the added difficulty of unraveling a thought that makes perfect sense to you but not to someone outside your head can be frustrating.
I should probably make an effort to talk about complex ideas with people more often. Just so I don’t lose the capability.