770 Winning.


In case you forgot what Carol and Wes are talking about, or maybe stumbled upon the comic today, the setup for this was here: http://betweenfailures.com/archive/690-turnabout-test/

The other day Manekochan and I got to talking about random stuff and one of the things was food rules. Even if you aren’t picky I suspect you still have preferences about how food should be prepared and presented. Here are some of mine:

I’m not as picky as I was as a kid, but I still have certain food rules. No bugs, including sea bugs. No fish. That’s more of a guideline. I will eat fish if I’m starving I just detest it. I have tried octopus and stuff. Me no likey. No Italian stuff. I hate tomato sauce. I’m not sure what spice it is that Italians always use that I hate but it’s always in tomato sauce. I even hate it on pizza. I’ll eat it but I try to squeeze it out if there’s enough of a layer that I can tell it’s there. No wet bread. This includes dumplings and things that have gravy poured on. I’ll eat them only if I am in control of the sauce. Like the dip sandwiches I’ll eat because you do it right away instead of letting it deteriorate. If bread is wet enough long enough I will barf if I put it in my mouth. Those are the main rules. I like food to be dry in general. Like when turkey is dry to the point that people start to complain, that’s when I say it’s done. Even soups I’ll try to boil down until they get thicker. With only a few exceptions.

There are more than that, but those are the only ones I could think of at the time. Anyway, it got me wondering what sorts of food rules everybody else has. It doesn’t have to be how it’s made either. For example, I like to eat with tiny silverware. Smaller spoons, forks, & whatnot. Get me? i only like having salad in a bowl, not on a plate. I like to eat certain foods usually consumed with a spoon with a fork instead. I like my cup in the upper left quadrant of my eating area. I don’t want sweet foods to touch savory foods unless I say so. No applesauce next to the beans. In fact I’d rather the applesauce be placed in a bowl.

So tell me your rules. I want to see how different you all are.