755 Bolt Cutter.


Any of you guys ever do anything like this? Trespassing to “hunt” ghosts I mean? I never did that I can remember, even though this whole thing is sort of based on stuff I did do.

There are tons of derelict structures out here. Just abandoned homes surrounded by dead trees and the filth deposited there for years and years. Some places where people still live have huge sections of abandoned buildings just rotting on the property. Tons of disused farm equipment and cars are littered around. The ditches have places where cars just stuck up, half buried, in the silt. There’s also appliances cast in. Just rusting quietly and impeding the flow of water from time to time. The weird thing is that even though the locals treat the area like a giant dump I still think if you just started wandering around they’d chase you off. Even though they clearly don’t give a shit about their surroundings they don’t want you mucking about on them. Kind of like how a little kid has no interest in a toy until another one shows interest in it. Suddenly the toy in question becomes valuable beyond measure.