720 Repetition.


I had a dream where I was in high school and there was a huge track meet going on, but I was late. Apparently there was also a choir thing on the same day. Since everything was so busy with these events no one noticed that I was late, or that I was even around really, so I snuck into the choir staging area and started enjoying their food. It was basically a line of stuff like in a cafeteria so you walked along with your plate and someone dropped stuff on it. I ended up in line next to this guy who only communicated in song. Since he was doing it everyone around him was compelled to do it, so when he started talking to me I had to respond in song. He stopped when I sang about pretentious douchebags that do things to openly mock people outside their sphere of influence. Then I was like “It’s okay to sing if you do it for the right reasons.” and everything was cool. I woke up shortly thereafter.