704 Nothing Beats Rock.


I finally took a chance and really messed with the innards of the site the other day.  What you see before you are the results.  It seems to be running more smoothly now, but I’m not sure if slow times are the site’s fault or my host’s.

I’m still experiencing a fair amount of errors on the admin side of things, but can’t be sure of the why.  Anyway, hopefully things will be stable enough for people to view the site normally until I can make absolutely sure it’s running at peak efficiency.  I’m going to keep the alt site up as long as he’ll let me, and keep it updated, just in case.

Let me know about any weird things that happen.  They may help me sort out problems later.

The new Harry Potter movie is at the local theater.  Or at least it was the last time I went through town.  By the time I head back that way that may not be the case.  As far as I can tell it’s still 1994 there, so you have to find stuff out about when things happen by phone, or these things called “newspapers”.  I have a vague memory of what they are.

My streak of seeing Harry Potter movies in theatres  was broken with Half Blood Prince and, as you already know, I don’t really know anyone where I live and have no intention of changing that.  So, it’s either go alone, or not at all.

It’s kind of a shame that I don’t live closer to my sister.  Harry Potter is the only thing we’ve both liked in…  well, ever as far as I can remember.   In a lot of ways the Harry Potter experience ended for me with the last book.  I knew that the technical limitations of film weren’t going to get their greater depth across the longer the series went in the movies.  Half Blood Prince was proof enough of that.  The ending had little of the emotional impact it should have.  I don’t hold out a lot of hope for the last two movies.  At best they will be visual companions to the superior experience of reading.

Harry Potter has one of the most brutal endings of anything I’ve ever read.  Because of this I would never show it to my mother.  She hates sad things happening in movies.  Like when the dog gets killed (?) in Dances With Wolves.  (I’ve never seen Dances With Wolves, so I’m only going on memories of her talking about how she doesn’t like that part enough not to ever watch the movie again.)  I made the mistake of showing my parents Up.  After it was over Mom looked at me like I’d spent an hour punching kittens.  In retrospect Up is kind of a miserable movie.  It’s still good, but the miserableness factor is quite high.

There are scores of movies that I like that fall under the category of “never show to Mom”.  Generally I just give her an overview of the plot so she can have talking points for conversation.  I think I gave up about half way through explaining Scott Pilgrim, because hearing the movie spoken is like having to explain a joke.  The harder you try the worse things get.