701 Fuck Ma-Ti.


The site has fought me every step of the way today.  Yesterday it had a spaz, but we were able to fix it by removing the old Comicpress files.  There was a weird moment of peace when the site was down, and it looked like it wasn’t coming back, where I just accepted that I was going to have to start over from square one and there was nothing to do but take it.  Sometimes having choices taken away inversely makes things better.  I think I’ve got a plan to fix things for good and all.  Once I finish this week’s pages I intend to enact it.  With any luck things will finally be repaired and Things can get back to improving like they were before.

I was never a fan of Captain Planet, but I knew of it and the concept and whatnot was hilarious to me.  It’s one of those things you learn about specifically to make fun of.  Not that it’s a bad show compared to its ilk.  It’s just marvelously cheesy a lot of the time.  I can sing the ending theme though.  Not that I will, but I could if called upon so to do.

Anyway, if this whole thing gets people to Youtube looking up Captain Planet that will be enough for me.  Infecting the young with this pop culture reference is a worthy end.