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Many, many, months ago I scrounged around an got some points for my DSI for its download service.  I did this because I heard that Shantae: Risky’s Revenge was going to be coming out soon.  Then I waited.  I waited a very long time.  So long, in fact, that I whittled away my saved points with other games.  Games I enjoyed, but that left me scrounging for points again when Shantae finally arrived the other day.  >:|

Be that as it may, it was worth the wait.  Shantae is a platforming adventure game that looks as if it should have been released on the SNES.   It’s controls are tight.  You land where you intend to jump.  It’s old style play that feels like it came from the time when games really started to get good.  There are save points at all key locations so you don’t have to worry about losing a lot of time if you get killed, an improvement from the before times.  The item menu is touch screen enabled and has a handy map if you get it from the store.  The story is not deep.  You need 3 magic seal to do something.  Bosses have them, your busty pirate nemesis wants them.  CONFLICT!  That said, it’s always clear what you need to do, the casts is very amusing, and the world is cohesive.  Also, if you have any other games from Wayforward, there’s a shop that gives you presents for them.

Shantae is probably the best downloadable DSI title.  So far Nintendo hasn’t managed to come up with any must haves on its own for their own service.  Wayforward took care of that for them.