674 Douchebag Sunglasses.


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I had a dream that started with my dad needing me to give him a ride to work. I had to do it a few times because something was wrong with his truck, or something. At one point he was telling me about a forum that people were talking about where they talked about things to do with his profession. Later on he told me he wanted me to go on to this board and troll around because he heard they were badmouthing his company. He hadn’t seen it himself because he doesn’t like computers.
Before I could get online I happened to notice that some people were in our garden stealing. So I went out to confront them. They were dressed in various costumes, mostly Victorian, but the lead guy was clearly some kind of director. They ignored me, and when I scolded them more forcefully they threatened harm. So I picked up a long dog chewy, the kind that’s a long tube of dried… something, and started beating them up with it. At first I was just poking them and prodding them to move, but when they started trying to genuinely harm me so they could keep stealing I totally let loose.
I tried not to hit the girls at first, but they got just as violent as the dudes in pretty short order, so I wailed on them too for a while. Eventually they started to retreat by floating up to their airship, which was apparently hovering above the garden the whole time. I’m not sure how they were doing it, but whatever it was I was able to use it to follow them.
When we reached the deck they all sort of collapsed, but there were other crew members who had sent them to get stuff, and some old people who seemed to be in charge of everything. I ended up having to beat up all of them to. After I was done with that I smashed up all of their stuff to the point of it being nonfunctional, destroyed all their navigational maps, charts, and so on, then set the steering to fly as fast as it would go in a random direction. I broke the wheel and the drive box so they wouldn’t be able to stop the airship with the regular controls. That way they’d be super far away by the time they were able to do anything. All of this I did with that same dog treat, by the way.
When I was done I got of the airship and walked back to the house. I woke up at some point before I got there. In retrospect those people might have also been squirrels somehow at the same time as being people.