655 You Have A Sister.


This page is a rarity in that I was editing it right up until I posted it. Usually I let the chips fall where they may, but once in a while I can’t bring myself to overlook certain things. On the whole I’m happier with the page now, but also resigned to accept my shortcomings.

In other news I saw the biggest spider today. It was one of those orb weavers, but it must be a male, or a kind I’m not familiar with because it was longer through the body than the usual ones. It was about 2 and a half inches long, or like, what, 6.5 centimeters? It’s legs were super pointy and skinny. They looked like a fantasy painting. It was as if each leg ended with a long shiny fingernail. I disturbed the web while moving a hose so it was clinging to the remains delicately. I felt kind of bad after because it’s posture was one of fear, rather than aggression, and had I seen it I wouldn’t have broken things on purpose.

The spiders are super big this year. I thought they were big last year, but man… We’re talking the first 30 minutes of Arachnophobia here. Plus they love building above doors. Massive structures dangling right above your unsuspecting head. DX