653 Winger.


You know those plastic rings that soda comes in sometimes?  When I was a kid they started showing pictures of animals with them stuck on their necks, or arms, or whatever, to get people to stop throwing them away intact.  Now, I don’t particularly like seagulls, but I don’t want to cause one to suffer.  So, even all these years later I still cut apart every link ring I come across.  Does anyone else do that?  Has anyone else ever done that?  Was I the only person who took that whole thing to heart?  I’ve never seen anyone else do it, but there are a lot of things I’ve never actually seen that still take place.

I’m sitting here with a pair of nail clippers cutting one up because I don’t have anything else handy.  Except the pair of scissors I just noticed not in their  proper place.  Better take care of that…  Those would have been handy a minute ago.  At any rate I got it done.  I won’t have to worry about being personally responsible for the death of any otters for another day.  At least when it comes to soda rings.  Any other things I do that might result in otter fatalities I am blissfully unaware of.