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I’ve actually known 3 girls who expressed liking Beast Wars when the subject of Transformers came up.  I assume that there were others, but we never got around to discussing the finer points of the Transformers franchise in the time I knew them.  Typically they found Beast Wars then went backwards to Gen 1, as they were younger than me.  I expect if you let Carol ramble long enough she’d also list the Silverbolt/Blackarachnia romance, Megatron’s speech patterns in general, the revelation of the golden disk, and any scene with Rhinox in it.

As I may have said in the past, I was not a fan of Beast Wars until much later on.  At a point when I had expendable income I picked up the first DVD set and realized the error of my ways.  They should really revisit that concept.  It would be cool if they gave it a shot in the Animated universe.  They seem like a good fit to me.