627 Who’s Scruffy Looking?


You guys remember how I really liked Crayon Physics, right? Well apparently Hudson bought it, or something because it’s in the iTunes store under their name. It works surprisingly well even on my iPod, though I think the target market must be iPad users. The only downside is that they seem to have replaced the great music with some generic crap that doesn’t quite capture the feel of the original version. That said, I might actually play all the pages since it can travel with me now. Once I sit down in front of my PC it’s hard to convince myself not to work on something. If I’m trapped someplace sucky it’s much easier to spend time playing a game.

I’m really looking forward to Starcraft 2 though. I hope my system can run it. I still play Starcraft from time to time. I even have the N64 version kicking around someplace. XD It would be sweet if they made a handheld version of that. I bet the DS could run it. That would be so cool. I’d play the heck out of some Starcraft DS.