623 Friction.


And there we have it.  End part two.  Reggie gets one last really good shot in…  that he will most likely pay for in spades later.

After all this time we finally get to see the store.  Literature teachers would probably even go so far as to call the store one of the characters.  I had trouble deciding on the scale of the place.  Architecture certainly isn’t my strong point.  In the end I just based it loosely on the store a lot of these story ideas came from.  I was going to have a friend help me design the logo, but then I decided that the point of the Megatainment logo was to express just how bad a logo can be for a poorly managed organization.  I chose the two worst typefaces, for this task, that Windows has to offer.  Like all buildings with lighted signs the lights have burnt out humorously.

Monday we start a new section of the comic.  On average the stories told will be shorter, although with 300 being the average length shorter won’t be a challenge.  Having made a few now they don’t feel nearly as different as I expected them to.  The only difference is that the goal post isn’t hundreds of pages away.  Now that I’m more comfortable with just making up scenery on the fly I feel like I can go pretty much wherever I like.

A lot of comic listing pages have Between Failures listed as a “workplace” comic.  Which is fine in so far as comic listing sites rarely express what a comic is accurately.  The choices aren’t particularly well defined in general.  I think situational comedy is a better descriptor, but I’ve never seen it listed as an option.  Why that is I can’t say.  You’d think it’d be a pretty obvious choice since some of the most popular comics on the net are sitcoms.  Although, in some sense, virtually all comics are sitcoms.

Starslip is one set in a science fiction world. PVP evolved into one.   Shortpacked!, Octopus Pie,  and Questionable Content also spring to mind.  Strangely, the last 3, save for Pie, break character quite a bit, whereas I don’t recall Starslip ever having and aside, or guest strip, in its entire run.  I could be wrong though.  I haven’t been able to read it throughly for almost a year now.  Those are just examples from my favorites list.  (chosen because most in my favorites are largely unknown and unpopular…)  I’m sure you get my point anyway.

You could hardly choose 5 more disparate comics, but they are, at heart, all sitcoms.   I think that should start being a category option.