602 Choke Back The Tears.


Lots of bad weather around today.  Anyone who saw my tweets would know that I spent a little time in the basement waiting them out.  It wasn’t ever a big deal to go down there before, but some kind of mold is growing there now that I’m very allergic to, so if I spend even a few moments there I start having trouble breathing.  So it’s kind of a no win situation.  Get killed by high winds, or slowly suffocate.  Allergy medicine takes the edge off, but doesn’t fix it.  Still, labored breathing is easier to fix than a 2 x 4 through the skull, so I takes my chances with he mold.

There’s a lot of places in the Midwest where apartments and stuff have no storm shelters.  I think that’s dumb because wind is about the only thing that can kill you out there.  I have no idea why a state like Kansas, where they are very concerned about not teaching evolution in schools, hasn’t legislated mandatory shelters for all structures.   It seems like their priorities are a bit skewed.  Which is not to say that Kansas is the only state with skewed priorities.  I just happened to have lived their long enough to appreciate the fine, aged, taste of their particular brand of stupidity.

I worked at a store where their policy, in the event of a tornado, was to lock the doors and have everyone stand in the receiving room.  The building was made of tin and cinder blocks, so a tornado would rip through it with little effort.  I think the policy was a plan to keep the corpses all in one place for easier identification.  I don’t know what it costs to dig a shelter, but apparently it’s more than a human life is worth.