578 Nature Is Grody.


I totally forgot it was Thursday today because of my trip.  XD  At least I premade the comic post even if I didn’t remember to write anything under it.  That said, now that I realize it, I do have a story of success.

I got the Wii Pokemon game for $12.  Suck it Nintendo!  I win this round.  I finally got a console Pokemon game for an amount of money equal to as half assed as the game will undoubtedly be.

I have no idea how it is Nintendo can’t make a decent console Pokemon game.  Although there are those who would argue with me on this opinion.  I actually enjoyed the first Gamecube outing.  I HATED the art style though.  The same goes for the next one.  At least the Wii thing seems to look a bit  less crap.   I don’t know why you’d toss out the sweet style they use for the packaging on a game for a system capable of rendering it.  I’ve always liked the art for the trainers and whatnot.

Anyway, I got a good deal.  Last copy on clearance at a Target.  I was denied my potential clearance Masterpiece Skywarp, but what can you do.  I wasn’t about to pay $60 for it.