554 Fwends.


I’m not real sure there’s much point writing anything interesting here, as most people will be doing stuff.  I guess maybe everyone will come by later, when they are trying to muddle through their hangovers.  Well, whenever people show up there’ll be something here to see.  Happy new year, by the way.  I look forward to many more happy times with everybody.

I have decided that I am going to try my hand at modding a Gameboy Advance.  The original Advance was superior to later GBAs in several ways.  I loved the layout, and how it fit my fatty fat fat hands so very well.  However, I’m not willing to risk losing my original Arctic White GBA.  So I’ll have to find a decent one someplace to experiment on.  All I want to do is make it so it lights up.  My end goal is to have an original GBA, with a lighted screen, that I can play the best version of Super Mario Brothers 2 on.  That version is, of course, the version for the GBA.  The first game I bought for said system in fact.  Mario Golf Advance tour would also be sweet to play on an updated GBA.  I finally got a hole in one on it a while back and forgot to tell Zac.

I recognize that this is kind of a goofy thing to do.  I could play those games on my DS, or even my Micro, but I don’t want to do that.  I want to play them on a regular old advance.  I got some special screwdrivers so once I have all the bits required to accomplish this task I’ll be able to get inside and rummage around.  I tried to open up a copy of Tetris for the GBA, since the DS version is far superior, but it wouldn’t come open.  Apparently something more than a screw is holding it shut.  I wasn’t willing to shatter the case in the name of science just then, and put it on notice instead.

Ideally I will be able to get another Arctic to perform my unholy acts upon.  If not I’ll just make due with what I can find.  One of the clear versions is a last resort though.  I don’t want to see the insides of this thing after I’m done in case I can’t make it pretty…  I learn technical stuff pretty fast, so that shouldn’t be hard.  I’ll probably need a soldering thing too.  I don’t think my electrical tape plus wrapped wire technique is going to cut it on this one. If any of you have any information I might find useful don’t hesitate to tell me.  I’m optimistic, but will probably still need all the help I can get.  I’ll keep you all updated on Operation Nintendo Should Have Done This For Me as it progresses.