349 What Needs Must.


We all have to do things we don’t like to survive sometimes.  Such is life, as they say.

As you probably know, I am interested in the paranormal. The thing is, I’m also pretty skeptical. I enjoy shows like Ghost hunters, but I also realize that a lot of what they do is based on logical fallacy. I realize Ghost Hunters is entertainment, not science. Still, I’d like to think that we live on in some way after death… Even though there is no proof. I bring this up because I’ve learned a lot about spotting logical fallacy from listening to the podcast Skeptoid: Critical Analysis Of Pop Phenomena.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t he just tell us he liked a podcast about ghost stories? Yeah I did, and I still enjoy it. I like to see both sides of an argument though. I can enjoy the paranormal in spite of the fact that there is no testable evidence of it. Much like I can enjoy pre-classic Star Wars even though all data suggests that it sucks.

I bring this up now because we’re on the cusp of a presidential election, and another significant anniversary.  A healthy dose of critical thinking can help you spot the weaknesses in the statements made by either side of a debate. Critical thinking can apply to almost any aspect of your life, and logic is a powerful tool in any situation. If you listen to nothing else of the Skeptoid podcast as least listen to #73 & #74. They’re a beginner’s guide to spotting logical fallacy.  If you’d rather not listen to the podcasts there are written transcripts in the episode guide.