545 Preproduction.


Warning Edit:  I’m getting a few reports that the regular site is putting up fake virus scan pages every so often.  It shouldn’t be able to get in as long as you don’t let it.  Kind of like a vampire.  So, if a page comes up that wants you to scan your computer don’t let it.  It’s the same thing that’s been happening to me on DeviantArt, and people tell me that some ad companies have been compromised, so that might be the problem.  It’s also possible that things will be fixed by the time you read this, but I’m not sure.  I’m just being careful, and don’t want anyone getting dicked over because of me.  If you’re worried that something might have gotten in the programs listed below will take care of it, and they are, most importantly, free.  Please let me know if it happens to you so I can make sure and isolate the problem.

Just in case anybody missed it, I did away with the forum because the host was infected with a terrible virus.  Also, no one used it anyway.  If any of you by chance happened to contract anything from the now defunct forum, or anywhere really, here are the two best free programs to clean your system.  I can’t recommend them strongly enough if you’re having issues.

Antimalwarebytes & Superantispyware

There’s a virus around that makes it so that you can’t Control + Alt + Delete your way to the task manager.  Superantispyware has a setting in it that can fix several common problems like that.  Between the two of these even someone like me can repair a lot of damage done by random malware.

A lot of you guys seem to know much more about computers and stuff than me, but the ones who don’t can maybe benefit from that information.

For those of you who are versed in the ways of the computer I ask you this:  What is it that a computer needs to have so that it can run Photoshop and also work on a site like Ustream?   When I try to do the streaming desktop drawing stuff the program is so slow that I can’t work.  Not that watching me draw is all that interesting anyway, but that’s what all the cool kids are doing and it seems like fun.