534 Greivances.


It snowed here last night, which is yucky.  Snow makes everything harder to do.  It’s pretty and good for some things, but I’m not a fan.  Should something not post on time you can blame the snow for knocking out my service.  I’m good for at least a week of pages though.  Not so much for blogs, but I guess there’s only so much I can do.

Anyway, I had a dream where I was at some kind of celebration and got to make out with either the lady who played Donna Noble on Doctor Who, or the actual character of Donna Noble.  That wasn’t the point of the celebration, but that’s what it lead to for us.  On the whole Donna is not my first choice for Doctor Who companions to cuddle with, but I guess my brain decided that was the way to go.  At least it wasn’t my brain trying to wake me up by having Delta Burke show up.  I’m forever scarred from that experience.

I bet none of you can guess who my first choice for sweet Doctor Who companion lovin’ would be.  Then again maybe you guys know me better than I expect.