528 Damned Clowns.


I hope everyone enjoyed the Halloween teats, or rather, treats… 

Moving on.

I had a dream about making six pages of someone  else’s comic for them.  It was mixed up in some kind of Romeo & Juliet world.  (The 1968 version.)  The details are fuzzy now.  I recall being mad about having to do it, but I don’t know how it could have ended up as my responsibility in the first place.  It was weird.  I woke up all disoriented and wondering why I wasn’t in tights anymore.  For the record, I do not look good in tights.

In Animal Crossing my days are a little faster than reality because I often have to be away on holidays. In order to avoid missing them I set my calendar ahead. I got AC last year in November, so I missed Halloween, but I vowed not to Doc Brown things and waited, patiently, for it to roll around again. The Halloween set is my favorite holiday theme. I can’t get the snowman ones or Christmas ones since they are such a bitch to gather up. I saved all the candy from Festival and bought it every day from Nook to make sure I’d have enough for a complete set. It took me an entire night an I didn’t even get a full set. Eventually I had to go to bed, task incomplete. The next day I rolled the clock back and used my remaining candy up trying to get a Spooky Sofa. It was the third thing I got. I used the rest of the candy up just because there’ no other use for it now. I ended up with two complete sets and some change. I sold off a few pieces for some extra cash then furnished two rooms with the spooky theme. That was one of my major goals in this largely goalless game. A day or so later I completed the Mush series, another goal left from last year.

I have too many completed furniture sets for the number of rooms I have now, but I still haven’t found all the bits of several sets that I like.  I think the game is keeping me from them so I’ll keep playing.