527 Very Nice.


Okay, so we’ve gone over arts and the artist’s effect on how it’s perceived.  People are pretty moderate about stuff.  I suppose it could be expected.  They say you attract similar people to you on the internet.  I’m surprised, on some level, by how many people could display Hitler art in their homes.  You’re a sturdier sort than me. 

Anyway the kooky question that kind of caps this little adventure is,  If you could go back in time and either shoot Hitler, or give him Super A.I.D.S., which would you do?

The thing of this question is that it only gives you two choices.  I don’t know why, if you could time travel, those two options would be the only ones available.  It’s just a ridiculous idea.  I guess people thought I just made up Super A.I.D.S. too, but that’s the colloquialism for the strain that resists current treatments. 

I actually gave this some more thought as the days rolled by.  Seems to me that if you introduced a tougher kind of A.I.D.S. to the past it would be even more dangerous in the present.  Of course I don’t think Hitler was the sleeping around type.  Maybe it would get introduced into the world by his drug use, or something.  I mean, no one else would know to be careful with his blood.  I assume everybody who would fiddle with it would be careful.  The long and the short of this is that it could be one of those ‘step on a butterfly’ scenarios.