526 Never again.


I wish I wasn’t so worn out today.  I’d like to go over some of the points raised in the comments from Monday’s post. All I’ve got in me is a thank you.  I enjoyed reading your opinions.  Continuing with the poll questions…

If you had one of Adolf Hitler’s paintings would you display it?

The DA kids were fairly evenly split on this one.  Displaying it is winning out though.  As far as me goes, I couldn’t do it.  I wouldn’t want to be reminded of the man constantly, or at least any more than the world demands you be reminded.  I’m not one for superstition, but I feel like there’d be a tangible evil radiating from it.  Which is silly, but there’s some juju I’d rather not mess with, dig?

I don’t know how the Hell I’d come into possesion of such a thing, but I’d sell it as quick as I could.  It seems to me like keeping such a thing would taint you.  (Hee hee, taint.  XD)