519 Not Really.


So, at long last, the fountain goddess in Animal Crossing gave me a golden axe.  As far as I know its only power is that it doesn’t break.  The same power as a silver axe, of which I have 3.  My town has achieved perfection, so I really have no reason to even use an axe, but if I did I could dazzle other lumberjacks with my magical axe.  Blue ox not included. 

The scene played out pretty much like it did hen I got the first silver axe.  I wasn’t even looking at the screen.  I was just speeding through the spiel I’ve heard hundreds of times right up until she handed me the new axe.  If my avatar hadn’t done the happy dance I might not have even known until I checked my inventory. 

In other news, if you want to hear one of my personal paranormal experiences you can do so by downloading Anything Ghost #100 at anythinghost.com .  It’s quite short, and towards the end of the podcast, but it is a true experience.