506 Keen Cat Killer.


So, after waiting many years for technology to catch up I have finally been able to make my PSP into the media center I’d always hoped it could be.  Now I share the magic with those of you who may not have known about it.  First, get Handbrake, then DVD43.  Install them on your compy and rip DVDs into whatever format your heart desires.  DVD43 breaks the anti-copy code on the disc and Handbrake allows you to rip them however you like.  It’s really straightforward and easy to understand.  The best part of it all? Free, and also legal as long as you don’t go copying movies to redistribute them.

Like I said, you can do with the files what you will, but I’ve been encoding them for my PSP so I can finally take a few movies wherever I want, or what have you.  At the moment I’ve filled my memory stick with mostly Ghibli cartoons, but there’s also my favorite episode of MST3K:  The Final Sacrifice.  The dvd from which I ripped the file was given to me by a fan, and I was afraid it might not work.  Now, however, I can take Mike and the bots wherever I choose!