494 Rock Type.


What Mike meant to say, of course, was Bosley.  What he actually said, if you’re a fan of such things, is a Pokemon.  It looks like a plant, but it’s actually rock type, which means it’s really shitty.  Rock type Pokemon can be defeated by a light rain, or drizzle

I finally got to see Coraline, and it’s a fantastic film.  I tried to watch it in 3D, but no matter how long I watched it never looked it.  Anyway, I also watched all the special features, and the commentary track.  It’s the first movie in ages that I actually gave a shit about what the director had to say.  I’ll sum it up in case you never bothered: “I’m sorry, but I changed almost everything from the book so I could make it a movie.”  The director, Henry Selick, never runs out of stuff to say, but most of it is trying to make tenuous connections between shit he changed and random stuff from the book that inspired it.  I understand his motives.  I’m sure fans of Neil Gaiman’s story gave him all kinds of crap over the sweeping change he inflicted on it, but the fact remains that it’s still a good movie.  In the documentary Gaiman seemed unmoved by the changes.  I’m sure he was dying as an artist, on the inside, but it was offset by the massive amounts of money Coraline must have made for him.  I find that the suffering of artists is often assuaged by great piles of cash.  Of course some people can bitch about anything, and have integrity, or some shit like that.  I think I’d be happy with the money, if we’re honest.