491 Capable.


I had a series of weird dream the other night.  The only one I remember, or am comfortable talking about is as follows:

This girl was working for a big company and ended up in an industrial accident which caused her to grow many stories tall.  She was kind of timid and weak willed, so when they turned her into, essentially, a walking billboard she didn’t really put up a fight.  The company made her live in the basement of a skyscraper while the “tried to find a cure”.  Anyway, a rival corporation decided they needed a giant to show that they had the same kind of technical skill, so they made this really insufferable guy into one.  Eventually they ended up meeting each other and the guy was such a tool it ended up as a fistfight.  They were encouraged by both companies at first, since the press would be spectacular, then they started destroying the city in earnest and endangering lots of people.  As the fight escalated they both began to exhibit additional powers.  The guy’s were mostly ray based and the girl’s were flight, super strength, and that sort of thing.  Eventually she flung the dude into space, so he died a most hideous death.  When she landed after disposing of him she was really, really, mad.  I woke up at that point but I suspect that everyone was in a lot of trouble.