472 Keplerian.


I’m sitting here, trying to think of something interesting to say, listening to Carl Sagan explain the Doppler effect.  Sagan could explain nearly any mundane thing and make it interesting to me.  I don’t really know much about him apart from what you could learn from watching Cosmos.  Sometimes it’s better not knowing every detail about the people who make your lives better.  Sometimes you can ruin things you enjoy.  Which is not to say you shouldn’t, but it’s important to understand the potential danger. 

It’s kind of like Micheal Jackson.  I have a hard time enjoying his music now.  Not that I enjoyed it particularly at any point in time…  It’s just that all the allegations, and strangeness, color my opinion of him, and by extension, his music.  Well, the strangeness I can deal with.  It’s the other stuff that makes me uneasy.  You can own as many chimps as you like, so long as you keep them well.  Molesting kids, not so much.  I’m not saying I believe the allegations.  I’m just saying that the fact that they are there bothers me, and basically ruins Jackson for me. 

Anyway, knowing too much can ruin anything.  Which is why I hesitate to talk about myself, especially in my less than lucid moments.  I’d hate to ruin my work for others by pulling open the curtain to reveal the little old man at the controls. (Wizard Of Oz reference.  I’m not a little old man…)  I try to keep a certain level of superficiality in the stuff I write.  I do not lead an epic life, so the trivialities are all I have.  It’s hard to decide how much to reveal, how deep to sink the shovel. 

I’ve forgotten about it for, I don’t know, weeks now, but I did another interview.  I’ll pretty much do interviews with anyone who asks.  If nothing else they left me a nice note on  the WCL.  Click here to read even more of my words.