470 Carry On.


Well, I’m on the lappy again… 

Okay, for the sake of clarity, I’ll tell you what each system is named.  That way I can stop using generic words.  My desktop is named Athena, the laptop is called Nike.  Nike pronounced the way it’s supposed to be, not like the shoes.  (I do like Nike shoes though, which is neither here nor there.)  As long as I’m at it, my iPod is named Bia.  Has anyone spotted the theme?  I try to avoid naming things like cars, but since a computer asks to be named when you start it I just kind of go with it. 

Anyway, whatever magic made the wireless card work last night has worn off.  Honestly, I’m not interested in worrying about it at the moment.  Let us speak of other things. 

I finally saw The Dark Knight.  Much like the first of the new series I was not as impressed with it as everyone else.  Heath Ledger’s Joker was everything I was told to expect, but not what I would consider THE Joker.  It was A Joker.  His Joker.  A Joker that made me feel uneasy every moment he was on the screen.  One thing I noticed was that every time he appears a heartbeat sound begins playing softly, just under the rest of the sound.  On headphones it made me have to stop the film and make sure it wasn’t me just imagining it. 

Here’s the thing about the new Batman movies: they are like the old ones with little bits of the best writing from the comic stuck in, here and there.  I kept hearing echoes of The Long Halloween, but it never got around to being as awesome as that series was.  That’s the magic of movies, I guess.  You’ve got to pear it down for the LCD.  Maybe I’m reacting harshly because I’m already out of sorts, or that Iron Man impressed me so much and the hype lead me to expect that sort of experience.  I’m wondering if the tragic loss of Ledger had an impact on how the public reacted to the movie.  Making it into something that normally would not have been of note. 

As a fan of Shortpacked! I now know that Nightwing has taken on the mantle of the bat.  Or at least that’s what I’ve inferred.  The last Batman related thing I remember reading was the Batman Superman: Public Enemies, which is being made into a cartoon.  If it’s as good as the other DC direct animations it should be pretty awesome.  I expect Batman will do at least some breathing in space.