469 Making The Most Of Today.


A positive attitude is getting very, very, hard to maintain.  My PC will no longer connect to the network.  Why?  I have no idea.  It just stopped.  I would still be operating under the impression that the internet was just down had I not turned on the Nintendo earlier.  I’m on my lappy at the moment, in case you’re wondering.

God, what should I even talk about that I won’t let deteriorate into a Baaaaawwwwfest? 

I made mention on Twitter of an unspoken rule (now spoken of ) that says I am not allowed to tinker with devices made after a certain point in time.  If you give me a broken Nintendo, for example, there’s a fair chance that I can use my limited knowledge to repair it.  VCRs, older stereos, cars, that sort of thing I can mostly fix using my basic knowledge of electronics.  Anything DVD or onward, not so much.  I used to be able to get a CD player working in a pinch, but now even the cheap ones are beyond me now.  Shit, a person used to be able to rewire headphones when they went south, but not anymore.  I can’t even find guides online on how to repair them.  At $20 a shot I think it’s worth trying to salvage a pair of good headphones, but I just can’t anymore.  I have a little graveyard of parts in case I ever learn the magic secrets of new style headphone repair.  My favorite style, that they don’t make anymore, is in a box, waiting for me to breathe life into it again.  Technology has advanced to a point where a regular guy can’t save money by being handy.  You need a fair amount of technical knowledge to fix even minor things.  Which sucks because if money gets tight, and your car breaks down, you’re just fucked.  My truck sits on the edge of the divide.  I can repair a few things myself, but the electronics are a mystery.  The last time they went bad I had to take it to a guy, and he did a shitty job, if we’re honest.  If I had time I could learn to do it myself, and I’d do a good job; but who has the time to learn, essentially, a new trade just to fix a dashboard light, or a turn signal?  Nobody I know. 

This is the stuff my grandpa tried to explain to me years ago, but I was too busy being a little emo shit to take any wisdom away with me…  I guess I must have heard it, since I seem to be able to parrot it though.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I’m not supposed to touch the innards of things, because even though I know I don’t know what I’m doing once I get inside something I will just charge ahead in the name of science.  Of course scientific curiosity doesn’t replace your mother’s DVD player when you take apart the laser housing and can’t remember the order things came apart.  It surely won’t bring back a dead PC that has all your comic images inside it.  So I’m supposed to keep my hands to myself.