467 Bloody Run.


Internet problems.  Will Twitter updates.

Edit:  Looks like the net is working for me again.  It’s been down since last night.  I was in Garden most of the day yesterday, but it stopped working late (or early depending on how you look at it.) when I tried to get on.  I was sore, and tired, but couldn’t sleep.  I slept a little bit on the way back home, so I woke up at an odd time in the darkest of night.  Ended up sleeping on the floor because my body hurt no matter how I tried to sleep.  Woke up feeling pretty much alright though.  Went for a little walk before dinner.  Started feeling bad again right after that. 

I went to the chiropractor yesterday.  The last time I was having these problems it seemed to help.  This time it seems to have been less effective.  Then again it’s hard to tell.  I’m all keyed up one moment, then perfectly fine the next.  I need to figure out what I’m going to do about all of this pretty soon though.  It’s getting really hard to keep my shit together.  I’m not sure if I’m really sick, or just overtired, but I’m sick of being tired. 

I recognize that chiropracty is pseudoscience.  The last time I was having problems the doctors just ignored me if I said anything about it.  Honestly I can’t tell for sure if the benefits I experienced were anything other than the placebo effect.  That being said, at least it was an effect.  I was able to begin feeling better and gathering up the pieces.  This time I’m aware of too much.  Having learned about the magical craziness associated with chiropractic I’ve essentially ruined it for myself.  It’s a very impressive illustration of the old saying ignorance is bliss. 

There are storms all around so if this edit suddenly cuts off it because of that.  I’m saving periodically.  Mostly I’m just typing what I’m feeling to keep myself distracted.  Potentially unwise, I know.  Kind of like drunk texting. 

It’s hard to maintain my focus.  I’d play some pokemon, but just thinking about breeding Pokemon right now is too much.  I’d draw, or write, but I keep losing my train of thought.  If I just let whatever’s in my head spill out it’s easy.  Plus I can pause for minutes at a time, but for you things continue without breaking. 

I have some nice emails I need to respond to, but I dare not do it now.  I like to reply with as much care as I feel was put into the original.  Of course sometimes I reply in the wee hours of the night.  Which results, I fear, in strange, rambling, responses.  Pretty much what you’re reading now…  -_- 

When I first started using the internet I went through that period, like all people do, of just saying anything without any kind of filtering.  Driven by that insane human tendancy to believe that everything pertaining to yourself is interesting to others.  It almost never is.  It took a few years, and a few bad decisions, for me to grow out of that. 

Of course, one could argue that I really haven’t.  I just got a little better at editing. 

 Curses…  My emo posting has resulted in me missing the BBC world news.  That’s what happens when you take time to Baaaaaw on the internet.  I NEVER LEARN!